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5 Best Hearing Aids for Tinnitus & How They Can Help

Have you ever heard the ringing in your ears? It’s a common phenomenon that many people face. It’s often called tinnitus, and it is rather common among individuals of all ages. This article will look at 5 of the best hearing aids for tinnitus with their help.

Top Five Options for Hearing Aids:-

  1. PhonakAudéo B-Direct

This behind-the-ear device has a smart streaming system. It will automatically adjust its output level based on the background noise, making it easier to hear in noisy environments like restaurants or offices. Phonak also claims that this device has a “reprogramming function” that adjusts settings depending on whether the wearer is at home, sleeping, or traveling.

  1. Starkey Halo2 Implantable Hearing Aid

This hearing aid has been specially designed to help manage conditions like tinnitus and hyperacusis. The Halo2 has active sound management technology, which uses feedback control to balance out and make sounds easier to listen to by regulating how much sound you hear at different frequencies.

  1. ReSound LiNX2

It is one of the top-rated hearing aids for those who suffer from tinnitus. The ReSound LiNX2 has powerful technology that helps amplify speech and reduce background noise. It also works well with people who have trouble understanding speech in certain situations like restaurants, parties, and other places with a lot of background noise.

  1. Starkey Halo IIC

The Halo IIC by Starkey is the top-of-the-line hearing aid for people with tinnitus. It features a “stereo microphone” and “dual amplification,” which allows it to focus on the frequency of the ringing and help minimize it. The Halo IIC also comes with special programs designed to reduce tinnitus symptoms.

  1. OticonOpn 1

It is also a good choice for someone who has tinnitus. It comes with a “dual-microphone” that helps cancel out general noise, like street traffic or other conversations, so you can better focus on the tinnitus ringing sound without being distracted. 


Finding the right hearing aid for tinnitus can be a long, overwhelming process. We’ve made it easier by compiling five of our top recommendations to help you start your search. For further information, contact Dr. Seemab Shaikh at Pune.