5 Signs you Should Visit an Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor

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5 Signs you Should Visit an Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor

In this busy schedule, we tend to ignore many problems related to our body which leads to bad consequences later. Body parts such as the Ears, Nose, and Throat are quite sensitive and require special care, as they are always exposed to pollution, germs, allergens, etc., and are prone to damage. So, if you ever feel that you are going through any of the signs listed below, immediately visit an ENT specialist.

  • Throat pain/ sore Throat:-

This condition is quite common and usually gets resolved within a few days with proper care at home. But, in some cases, it might last for more than a week, and the pain might even worsen. In such scenarios, take an appointment and visit an ENT doctor.

  • Chronic Sinusitis:-

Sinusitis comes out as a problem that can lead to bad consequences if left untreated. You can have this condition if you face symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, fever, blurred vision, tooth pain, green or yellow discharge from the nose, and trouble breathing. In such a case, contact an ENT.

  • Hearing loss:-

There are numerous reasons associated with hearing loss. Some of them might be as common as a clogged Ear with earwax, and some of them might be serious. So, it is extremely vital not to let this condition go ignored.

  • Clogged ears due to earwax:-

People often make a mistake because they try to clean clogged ears at home with cotton buds. Doing so can push the earwax inside or even permanent ear damage. So, to get your ears cleaned, visit a doctor.

  • Nasal congestion:-

Nasal congestion is quite common and might go away on its own. But, if it lasts for a longer period and gives trouble breathing, it might be due to some serious reasons. It can include a deviated septum, allergies, infections, etc. Get help to get this condition cured.


It is essential not to ignore even the minimal problems your body is facing and resolve the issues. You can contact Dr. Seemab Shaikh at Pune to get professional ENT help.