Vocal Disorders treatment in Pune

7 Ways You Can Prevent Vocal Disorders

Many jobs are there where individuals have to use their voices throughout the day. They face higher vocal disorders, which can be prevented to some extent if people are a little careful. These individuals are tour guides, singers, lawyers, counselors, clergy, stage actors, telemarketers, etc. Here are seven ways to prevent vocal disorders. 

  1. Drinking Enough Water:-

Consuming a sufficient quantity of water throughout the day is most important. Especially people who are taking caffeinated beverages should consume more water. 

  1. Practicing Healthy Breathing Techniques:-

While singing and conversing, people should practice healthy breathing techniques. Take a deep breath from the chest supporting the voice, and do not stress your throat much for speaking. Additionally, they should try some breathing control exercises to avoid straining their vocal cords. 

  1. Using A Humidifier:-

The next parameter is to use a humidifier for people staying in the winter season and dry climates. Generally, 30% of humidity in and around the surroundings is prescribed. 

  1. Opting For Voice Therapy Treatment:-

Opting for a voice therapy treatment is another way to avoid voice disorder. Contact a professional therapist who can help you within tackling voice problems. 

  1. Give Your Voice Some Rest:- 

Just like you feel tired, so does your voice which can be stressful. To avoid that, you can give some rest to your voice and avoid using extreme range while talking. 

  1. Following A Nutritious Diet:-

Prepare a nutritious diet that contains fresh fruits, grains, and vegetables to protect the throat’s mucus membrane. Also, you should avoid eating spicy food as it causes reflux resulting in discomfort. 

  1. Exercising Regularly:-

Make sure to exercise regularly, even for a short time. It will help boost your stamina, improve your breathing, and avoid pressurizing your vocal cords. 

Final Thoughts:

If you need professional help, Dr. Seemab Shaikh from Pune is available to prescribe the best treatment.