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Noise Exposure And Its Impact On Hearing

Noise Exposure And Its Impact On Hearing

When we think about pollution, we usually imagine smog-filled skies or plastic-littered oceans. But there’s a less visible type of noise pollution that can be just as harmful, especially to our hearing. Let’s dive into the not-so-silent world of noise exposure and how it impacts our hearing. We live in a fast-paced world where noise is all around us. Our ears are constantly bombarded by noises, from the noise of traffic to the loud music played at nightclubs. A disease [...]

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Speech and Hearing Loss: Signs That Your Child Requires a Hearing Test

Infants can’t express themselves verbally; therefore, you need to detect the signs that hearing loss indicates any underlying condition. Hearing plays an important role in the child’s speaking or cognitive skills. As a parent, you should never miss these indications. What is hearing loss? Several children have congenital hearing loss, i.e., hearing loss present by birth. This condition can be hereditary or develop due to other factors during birth. Hospitals usually prefer to conduct a hearing test before discharging the newborn [...]

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Treating Running Nose in Infants and Kids

Kids and infants are prone to falling ill easily and hence need special attention and care. Common cold comes across as a common problem that they face, and treating symptoms like a runny nose can be quite challenging. Even though this problem might not seem to be very big, it can worsen over time and prove to be fatal. Therefore, it is vital to take proper care at home and visit the ENT doctor when required. How to treat running [...]