Falls and Accidents are More Likely with Hearing Loss

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Falls and Accidents are More Likely with Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a quite common condition that many adults experience as they grow older and move into their seventies and sixties. Several people pay close attention to not only hearing loss but also the problems that come along with it. For instance, people who have hearing loss are more likely to fall and have accidents.

Mild hearing loss and how it affects:-

A hearing loss of 25 decibels is equivalent to a normal to mild loss of hearing. By the time you are 40 and 69, your hearing loss becomes more severe. It is this time you will become prone to falls and accidents.

Reduce your fall risk:-

Try to move as frequently as you can. Resistance, balance, as well as walking exercises, help strengthen your muscles. You can improve your balance and build strength just by practicing these exercises for fifteen to twenty minutes each. This will reduce your fall risk.

In case you still fall, strength training can reduce your chances of breaking bones. You can work out with weights and resistance bands to make your bones stronger and denser.

Treating loss of hearing

Instead of suffering from your hearing loss, you can get medical intervention with the assistance of an audiologist. Firstly, your audiologist will recommend you to use a hearing aid.

Hearing aids can be tremendously helpful when it comes to reducing the risk of accidents and falls. Moreover, people who experience loss of hearing have few senses to regulate their awareness around their surrounding environment. Thus, getting treatment will help you guard yourself against any of the above situations. You will also be able to move confidently when you have a hearing aid.


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