How Often Should You Get Your Hearing Aid Checked?

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How Often Should You Get Your Hearing Aid Checked?

Regular medical check-ups are quite common among people. However, we don’t spare special attention to our hearing aid check-ups. Ears are an important organ, and they need to be checked by professionals from time to time.

What is a hearing aid?

Hearing aids are medical devices doctors suggest improve the hearing of a person suffering from hearing loss or minimal hearing.

When should you get your hearing or hearing aid checked?

  • When you are exposed to loud noises, there is a higher possibility of hearing damage. People working in construction sites, concerts, and manufacturing are prone to this condition.
  • People above 60 years of age are likely to develop presbycusis or hearing loss with old age. As we age, the hair cells in our inner ear are damaged, causing an effect on our capability to hear high frequencies.
  • If you are already diagnosed with hearing loss, then you must get your hearing aids checked every year. According to research, the life span of a hearing aid is 3-7 years; moreover, you may also use an advanced or more developed hearing aid after a few years.


There are two check-up options available to test your hearing ability.

  1. Screening is done to ensure whether you have a hearing loss during particular situations. People who work in an environment with loud sources of noise then they might require a screening.
  2. An audiologist conducts a hearing test to test your ability to hear. This test will also inform your doctor regarding the health of the components responsible for your hearing.

It is important to take care of your ears; you should stay away from loud noises as much as possible unless you work in such an environment. Dr. Seemab Shaikh from Pune is an experienced E.N.T specialist who will inform you regarding all the tests and medications required for the well-being of your ears