Is Wearing a Hearing Aid Classified as a Disability?

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Is Wearing a Hearing Aid Classified as a Disability?

Experts categorize hearing-impaired people depending on the severity of hearing loss. Different organizations have made different classifications of hearing-impaired people. There are certain situations under which experts classify hearing disability in different ways.

WHO or World Health Organisation considers a person disable depending on the physical appearance of their body. A person is considered impaired if their physical activity is limited.

Restrictions in participation or if individuals cannot take part in normal social events, the WHO considers them physically disabled or impaired persons. A hearing-impaired person comes under all those above categories, and they are considered disabled.

Again some well-known organizations mention an individual will be considered acutely disabled depending on the diagnosis of the hearing impairment. Experts mention that hearing impairment can get categorized as below-mile, severe, moderate, and profound.

Many are confused about exactly when a person will fall under the hearing disabled group. It has been noticed that despite proper treatment, most cases of hearing loss are degenerative. People often ask whether they require a hearing aid, and the areas are mentioned here.

  • Individuals fail to repeat almost 40% of words according to the word recognition test.
  • As per bone conduction, if a person’s hearing threshold falls below 60dB.
  • As per air conduction, if an individual’s hearing threshold is more than 90dB.

Hence, when a person reaches all levels or any of them mentioned above, they will fall under the hearing impaired people’s category.

Disabled still after wearing a hearing aid?

Individuals fall under the hearing disabled person as per the levels already mentioned above. Once hearing impaired people wear hearing aids will not fall under the disabled people’s group. Wearing a hearing aid will help people get over the problem, reducing the observation of infirmity. So, if you want to know more information, you can contact Dr. Seemab Shaikh ENT Specialist in Pune. to get the best suggestion.

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