Nasal Polyps: What You Should Know About Them

Nasal Polyps treatment in Pune

Nasal Polyps: What You Should Know About Them

The common issue in recurrent sinus infections, sleep apnoea, difficulty breathing, and frequent asthma attacks is nasal polyps. Do you have any information about nasal polyps? They are painless, fleshy, and benign growths inside the sinuses beside the nasal passages. This article provides all the required details about nasal polyps


Nasal of Polyps:-

Polyps can occur in anyone and are common in people. Some common causes of nasal polyps are allergies, asthma, sensitivity issues, etc. 


Not every symptom can cause Nasal Polyps but if they interfere with mucus drainage or breathing, it can cause many issues. The problems that can lead to nasal polyps are sinusitis, chronic sinus infections, decreased or loss of the ability to taste, breathing problems, etc. 

Ways To Treat:-

The small polyps do not cause any symptoms and do not require any treatment. But if they are symptomatic, the treatment procedure starts with nonsurgical options. People can also go for conservative treatments like corticosteroids to combat inflammation and irritation. 

  • Spraying Steroids: Some doctors might ask you to use steroid sprays to improve the symptoms. That way, you can treat nasal polyps. Some oral steroids are also there, which you can swallow. 
  • Injection Shots: If the condition is too serious, doctors can prescribe patients take injections under the skin. 
  • Steroid Tablets: Patients might be asked to take the medication with a nasal spray for severe inflammation and larger polyps. 

Few Facts About Nasal Polyps:-

  • This condition is found more in males compared to females. 
  • Sometimes, there might not be any symptoms making it difficult for people to detect the condition. 
  • It can happen at any age and can also lead to sleep apnea. 

The Bottom Line:-

Lastly, if patients cannot recover using nasal spray or steroids, they should undergo surgery. 

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