Speech and Hearing Loss: Signs That Your Child Requires a Hearing Test

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Speech and Hearing Loss: Signs That Your Child Requires a Hearing Test

Infants can’t express themselves verbally; therefore, you need to detect the signs that hearing loss indicates any underlying condition. Hearing plays an important role in the child’s speaking or cognitive skills. As a parent, you should never miss these indications.

What is hearing loss?

Several children have congenital hearing loss, i.e., hearing loss present by birth. This condition can be hereditary or develop due to other factors during birth. Hospitals usually prefer to conduct a hearing test before discharging the newborn from the hospital.


Since a kid learns the pronunciation of a word through hearing, hearing impairment can cause a delay in speech or improper mumbling.


  • One of the major indications of hearing impairment is when your child does not react to familiar or startling sounds.
  • Kids repeat what they hear. If your kid does not respond to their names or babble anything until 17-18 months, it might be a sign of hearing loss.
  •  If your kid is turning up the volume too high to be able to listen to it or approaching close to the TV to hear the audio properly.
  • If your kid does not interact with the environment surrounding them.

How is it tested?

Audiologists are responsible for checking the hearing development in children. The procedure of these tests would depend upon the age of the child. An audiologist analyses the reaction of the child towards the source of audio, for example, playing a video in Infront of them. A speech therapist takes care of the delayed speech of a child.

If you notice any of these signs or symptoms in your child, do not delay visiting a specialist. Hearing is an important sense, a loss that can create many problems. If you are concerned regarding the hearing impairment of your kid, contact Dr. Seemab Shaikh from Pune.

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