Speech and Hearing: Signs That Your Child Needs a Hearing Test

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Speech and Hearing: Signs That Your Child Needs a Hearing Test

People are hardly aware that parents need to monitor the hearing ability of every kid since their birth. Of course, every parent must look at whether their kids have any disability in speaking and hearing. But, many parents are hardly aware of how to check their kids’ hearing and speaking. 

Reaction to the Background Noise:-

In general, kids do not experience any hearing loss since their birth. However, there may be certain cases when kids face hearing difficulties. Sometimes, kids are not able to listen to the background noise, such as the barking of dogs or other noise. So, parents need to monitor this situation constantly. So, if you notice that your kid is not responding to any background noise, you need to take care of the situation. 

Not Able to Speak the Name:-

Once babies and toddlers start growing, they can hear and speak their names. But, in case of babies suffer from hearing loss, they will not be able to hear their names properly and cannot speak their names. So, if you find that your kid is not responding to their names or cannot speak their names, you need to take them to the doctor’s to have a hearing test. 

Hear Loud Noise Only:-

Parents often notice that they need to play sound loud to attract them. So, if you notice that the baby responds only to loud noise, you need to take your baby to an ENT specialist to solve the problem. 

Types of Hearing Tests:-

  • Playing audiometry is the mode of testing that fetches sound at different volumes at varied pitches to the ears of the kids. 
  • Another effective mode hearing test is VRA or Visual Reinforcement Audiometry. Professionals of healthcare service providers always conduct VRA testing. 


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