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Audiometry and Speech therapy is a test conducted to examine sound hearing and speech ability. Every sound varies, it is based on the intensity and the speed of the sound tone. A person can hear when sound waves stimulate the nerves of the inner ear. These sound waves then travel to the brain.

Sound intensity is measured in Decibel (dB):

  • A whisper is about 20 dB.
  • Loud music in concerts, functions is around 80 to 120 dB.
  • The sound of the jet engine is about 140 to 180 dB.

Anyone hearing sound greater than 85 dB can cause hearing loss after a few hours. Louder sounds can lead to immediate pain, and hearing loss can be developed in a very short time.

When you struggle to hear what people around you are trying to say it becomes frustrating. This can even lead to depression. In such cases, an Audiologist can help to provide proper treatment for the audiology problem.

At Dr. Seemab Shaikh’s Audiometry center in Pune, we provide a full range of diagnostic services for patients of all ages who are experiencing hearing problems. Our center offers an Audiology service, where the ENT specialists work in collaboration, to provide proper treatment for hearing loss.

Audiology & Speech Therapy Services|Dr Seemab Shaikh

Audiology & Speech Therapy Services

  • Pure tone Audiometry
  • Impedance Audiometry
  • Speech Audiometry
  • Brainstem evoked Response Audiometry
  • Otoacoustic Emission testing
  • Fully Computerised  Hearing Evaluation
  • Speech, Language Evaluation & Therapy
  • Newborn Hearing Screening
  • Digital Hearing Aids
  • Auditory Verbal Therapy for Cochlear Implant
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Similarly, Dr. Seemab Shaikh also has a Speech Therapy center in Pune that consists of techniques and procedures that target the vocal parameters. Voice therapy aims to reduce or improve problems with vocal sounds in the voice box. After the therapy, you should be able to hear a strong voice as you had thought of.

Voice therapy can also be used to train your voice in a particular way and to avoid future voice problems. Voice therapy is conducted by a speech therapist, voice coach, or respiratory therapist, as prescribed by your Speech Therapist.

Voice disorders can be caused due to following things:

  • Functional voice disorders– This arises when speaking loudly or continuously. Some are habitat to put a force on voice while speaking. This might be due to stress or unnatural breathing techniques.
  • Organic voice disorders– This is caused by the changes happening in the voice box. Other causes can be smoking, stroke or voice box cancer.
  • Psychogenic voice disorders– In this case, the voice becomes completely hoarse, cracked, or silent after a stressful event or mental illness like depression.


In order to get proper treatment on vocal issues visit Dr. Seemab Shaikh’s Speech Therapy center, where we can suggest surgical procedures to alter the voice structure if needed. Following are the surgeries carried out:

  • Cricothyroid approximation
  • Laryngoplasty
  • Thyrohyoid approximation
  • Laryngeal reduction surgery
  • Laser-assisted voice adjustment


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