Surgeries for Sleep disturbances

Surgeries For Sleep Disturbances (sleep apnoea)

Surgeries for Sleep disturbances ( sleep apnoea ):

Dr. Seemab Shaikh is a renowned name in the field of Sleep Apnoea management. He is the Founder and President of the Sleep Apnoea Society of India. This condition is very prevalent in our population and many times goes unrecognized and uncorrected leading to slow deterioration of health. If you feel that you are unable to gain relaxation out of your sleep, you need to wake up from bed to breathe, you feel that the sleep is light and not satisfying, and you feel tired during the day, and these symptoms may point towards sleep apnoea. We have a highly advanced sleep study lab where the such condition is recognized and corrections offered. Wherever indicated, all surgeries related to the correction of obstruction in the breathing passage leading to treatment of this serious condition can be performed under Dr. Seemab Shaikh with a great deal of reliability.


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