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National Sleep Awareness Month – Are You Sleeping?

Do you spend a sleepless night? Are you aware of the benefits of adequate sleep every day? Well, many of us are hardly aware of the fact that every person needs ample sleep to enjoy a healthy life. However, many are there who can hardly manage to get complete sleep, and they need to take proper care to stay away from Sleepless nights. Therefore, experts have declared March 18, 2022, as the National Sleep Awareness Month to make people [...]

Sleep deprivation treatment in pune

The Struggle Against Sleep Deprivation and Anxiety

In the world we are residing in right now, most inhabitants suffer from anxiety and problems related to it. Our busy work schedules and personal problems have led to the point that it feels almost impossible to take less stress. So, it is vital to take care of our physical and mental health and manage stress to lead a peaceful life. The relation between sleep deprivation and anxiety: Sleep deprivation and anxiety are related to each other because excess anxiety can [...]