Sleep deprivation treatment in pune

The Struggle Against Sleep Deprivation and Anxiety

In the world we are residing in right now, most inhabitants suffer from anxiety and problems related to it. Our busy work schedules and personal problems have led to the point that it feels almost impossible to take less stress. So, it is vital to take care of our physical and mental health and manage stress to lead a peaceful life.

The relation between sleep deprivation and anxiety:

Sleep deprivation and anxiety are related to each other because excess anxiety can cause sleep deprivation, which in turn can worsen anxiety. According to the Sleep Foundation, difficulties in falling asleep are a major symptom of anxiety disorders. On the other hand, people with sleep disorders can also be prone to getting anxiety disorders.

It is always necessary to get a good amount of sleep for a healthy lifestyle. People with anxiety are mostly affected by sleep deprivation which prevents them from thinking and working efficiently.

How to deal with sleep deprivation and anxiety?

There are various ways to improve your condition and feel better. It is always good to take a doctor’s advice in such cases, but you need to make some lifestyle changes as well. You can practice the methods mentioned below for managing these problems:

  • Exercise daily and practice Yoga
  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Practice meditation
  • Indulge in activities that make you feel good for at least sometimes in a day
  • Try to minimize overall screen time
  • Minimize the intake of caffeine
  • Try to quit using tobacco and nicotine products
  • Have a peaceful sleep environment 


Hence it becomes essential to manage both the problems as they are interrelated. If you ever think of visiting a doctor for this purpose, visit Dr. Seemab Shaikh in Pune for getting the best treatment.