Treating Running Nose in Infants and Kids

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Treating Running Nose in Infants and Kids

Kids and infants are prone to falling ill easily and hence need special attention and care. Common cold comes across as a common problem that they face, and treating symptoms like a runny nose can be quite challenging. Even though this problem might not seem to be very big, it can worsen over time and prove to be fatal. Therefore, it is vital to take proper care at home and visit the ENT doctor when required.

How to treat running nose in Infants and Kids?

It is possible to treat your child at home with proper care. The following are some of the ways which might help:

  • Give them a sufficient amount of fluids:-

Giving the required amount of fluid that your child requires will help them in staying hydrated, which will, in turn, help to avoid congestion.

  • Use nasal drops:-

If you feel that your child is having difficulty in breathing, use nasal drops. They will help in clearing the congestion and let your child have a good sleep.

  • Perform suction:-

It might be difficult for babies or infants to push down the mucous present in the nose. Therefore, using bulb suction can help in gently taking it out and clearing the congestion.

  • Use petroleum jelly:-

Using petroleum jelly after wiping away mucous will help in keeping the skin moisturized and less irritated.

All the points mentioned above can be effective in treating runny noses. However, if the problem persists for a longer period, immediately visit a doctor for proper treatment.


Every person faces the common cold, and it is quite common for infants and kids to get it as well. Yet, you must never neglect it as it can cause serious problems such as pneumonia later on if not treated well. If you feel like visiting a doctor and taking professional help, visit Dr. Seemab Shaikh.

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