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How is Vertigo treated?

Do you ever feel a dizzy sensation in your head and feel like you will fall? There are chances that you might be suffering from a condition called Vertigo. Although Vertigo goes away without treatment at times, it might be necessary to seek help from a professional in some cases. The doctor treats you with the help of different medications, therapies, and even surgery (if necessary) to cure this condition.

The following are some ways in which Vertigo is treated:

  • Vestibular rehabilitation (VRT)

This method is a therapy that concentrates on strengthening the vestibular system. It trains the other senses you possess to compensate for your Vertigo.

  • Canalith repositioning procedure

This method treats BPPV, which stands for Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo. In BPPV, small canalith particles from one part of the ear break and go to the semi-circular canals of the inner ear. The Canalith repositioning procedure helps relocate these deposits to an inner ear chamber from where they get absorbed by the body.

  • Medicines

Vertigo can be caused by various reasons; hence the doctor first concentrates on knowing the root cause before prescribing medication. For example, if an infection causes the condition, antibiotics can help. Your doctor can prescribe you medicines like Prochlorperazine and some Antihistamines to cure Vertigo.

  • Surgery

Surgery is only needed to cure Vertigo when the root cause is a serious problem such as a brain or neck injury. These cases need immediate care and must not be ignored.


Although Vertigo is a common problem, it is essential not to ignore this condition as it can lead to serious consequences in the future. If you are thinking of visiting a doctor to seek professional help on this condition, please contact Dr. Seemab Shaikh at Pune.