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It’s Not Just Snoring- Dangers of Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a condition that occurs when breathing pauses repeatedly while you fall asleep. Your body will wake you to restart your breathing when this happens. These frequent interruptions during this time can prevent you from sleeping properly. This can make you feel excessively tired.

If sleep apnea is not treated, it can lead to diabetes, heart disease, and other health risks.

Dangers of sleep apnea:-

  • Heart disease

People who have sleep apnea are likely to have a heart attack. This can be due to low oxygen. Atrial fibrillation and strokes are also connected to this condition.

It disrupts the way your body takes oxygen in. As a result, your brain finds it difficult to control the blood flow in the brain and arteries.

  • Weight gain

When you have a heavyweight, you can get sleep apnea. It also makes it hard for someone to get back in shape. You can get treatment for sleep apnea to lose some weight and feel healthy again.

  • Type 2 diabetes

Sleep apnea prevents your body from getting enough sleep time. As a result, your body will not be able to use insulin properly, which can lead to diabetes.

  • High blood pressure

If you have high blood pressure, sleep apnea can impact it further negatively. But, your blood pressure can improve if you get treatment for sleep apnea.

  • Memory loss

Breathing disorder during sleeping can cause memory slips and problems related to thinking.

  • Daytime sleepiness

Sleep apnea affects the quality of your sleep at night. Hence, when you wake up in the morning, you will get a sleepy feeling that will keep you from staying fully rested.

  • Acid reflux

Sleep apnea causes heartburn or acid reflux.


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