Paediatric ENT

Pediatric Ent Specialist in Pune

Dr. Seemab Shaikh is a senior Eminent Nationally and Internationally Renowned  Ent specialist in Pune. with 26 years of professional experience in all fields of ENT surgeries. Superspeciality being in the field of Snoring, Sleep Apnea, and Sleep disorders.  His huge patient base is a testimony of his good treatment results. He is very academic, logical, and very practical in his approach towards a patient. His clinic follows a very professional culture of an appointment-based system with time slots in between for walk-in patients.

Condition in children’s Treated By Pediatric Ent Are:



2.Hearing Problems


4.Speech Therapy

5.Sleep Apnea


7.Problem Related Ear, Nose. Throat.

8.VoiceBox Problem.

9.swallowing problems

10.Snoring Problems.

When you should visit Pediatric Ent Specialist:-

1)Child Snore

2)Has Recurrent ear Infection

3)More than 4  infections in a year.

4)Ear Infection

5)Children Speech Dealy

6)Drainage in the Ears

7)Frequent dizziness

8)Nose bleeding


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His clinic is located very centrally just off MG Road in Pune near Poolgate. Click Here