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There are times when people face difficulty in swallowing. It may be caused due to improper way to chewing food, gulping food that’s too hot, or taking large bites of food. Dr. Seemab Shaikh is an ENT surgeon dealing with swallowing problems in pune. Let’s understand what is swallowing and its problems.

What is swallowing?

Swallowing is the act of passing food from the mouth, by the means of the throat to the stomach. Once begun, the process operates automatically. Swallowing is a vital part of eating and drinking. 

Why is swallowing important?

It not only plays an essential role in food digestion but also a major role in restricting the entrance of food and/or other materials into the lower respiratory tract. Any injury or disorder along reflex arc can cause a possible delay or impairment in swallow function.

When we experience a sudden change or problem in our voice, difficulty while swallowing or breathing, or the feeling of having a sore throat, it can indicate one of many medical conditions. Treatment possibilities for these symptoms also vary greatly. At Dr. Seemab Shaikh’s clinic, our voice and swallowing team have thorough training and years of experience in the evaluation and treatment of these disorders.

We understand the stress that can accompany a swallowing problem and know that it can be frustrating trying to get a proper diagnosis. Here, your swallowing goals are our primary concern. 

swallowing problem in pune | Dr. Seemab Shaikh

Stages of swallowing:

Oral Phase 

In the oral phase, food is chewed and mixed with saliva to form a soft texture called a bolus. The tongue then moves the bolus to the back of the mouth. Patients with impairment of the oral stage may feel difficulty in swallowing.

Pharyngeal Phase 

 If the pharyngeal phase is hurt, food or liquid can move into the throat before the involuntary swallow is triggered, resulting in food or liquid touching the vocal folds or entering the vocal folds and moving into the lungs.

Esophageal Stage 

If the esophageal stage is affected, the patient might feel heartburn, vomiting, burping or stomach pain.

Signs and Symptoms of swallowing problems include:

  • Coughing while eating or right after.
  • Wet or gurgly sound after eating or drinking.
  • Taking time to chew or swallow food.
  • Recurring pneumonia or chest congestion after eating.
  • Weight loss or dehydration due to not being able to eat enough.


The treatment for your swallowing problem in pune depends on its cause.

It is necessary to learn how to eat and drink safely. Incorrect swallowing habits may lead to choking food or liquid into your main airway. This can lead to pneumonia.

Some swallowing problems can’t be prevented and dysphagia procedure is necessary. A speech-language pathologist will perform a swallowing evaluation test to diagnosis your dysphagia.

Once the evaluation is completed, the speech pathologist may recommend:

  • diet change
  • oropharyngeal swallowing practices to strengthen muscles
  • compensatory swallowing tactics
  • postural modifications that you should follow while eating

Dr. Seemab Shaikh uses the most current diagnostic techniques along with medical, surgical, and therapeutic treatments so that you can be sure you are receiving the best medical care possible for voice & swallowing problems in pune.

Swallowing problem | Dr. Seemab Shaikh