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How Ear Infections Affect Hearing Ability

Ear infection can be of various types according to its origin. The most common ear infection is termed acute otitis media; it occurs in the middle ear, behind the eardrum. This article will help you to detect the early signs and symptoms of an ear infection so that you can seek medical help as soon as possible.

Two main categories of ear infection:-

  • Otitis externa: these infections attack the external part of your ear, e.g., the swimmer’s ear.
  • Otitis media: these infections attack the internal part of your ear.


Despite the type, ear infections usually share common symptoms.

  • Swelling, inflammation, or redness around the ear.
  • Fever or high temperature.
  • Fluid discharge from the ear.
  • Pain near the infected area.


  • Occurs from a bacterium like Streptococcus pneumonia and Haemophilus influenza or virus.
  • It can also cause other infections like cold, allergy, flu, etc.


You should seek professional (ENT) help if you notice any of the aforementioned symptoms. If you are at the earliest stage of an ear infection, you may treat it at home with the help of OTC eardrops, painkillers, warm towel press, etc. However, it is convenient to go to an ENT, who might prescribe some antibiotics.

How does it affect hearing ability?

Ear infections can cause temporary hearing disability. Since the infection causes the ear canal to get swollen; as a result, you tend not to hear the voices clearly or, in some cases, almost entirely. This hearing deficit remains until the inflammation is gone. However, in some cases, these infections might persist beyond the natural duration of an ear infection, which might cause a permanent hearing loss or difficulty in hearing.


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