What Causes Fluid in The Ear, and What Does it Mean?

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What Causes Fluid in The Ear, and What Does it Mean?

An ear infection or acute otitis media is the infection of the middle ear; the space that is air-filled behind your eardrum contains small vibrating ear bones. Children are likely to get these infections. These infections of the middle and the outer ear can be due to the fluid in your ear.

What is the reason behind an outer ear infection?

When water stays in the ear after you swim, the moisture invites bacterial growth, and the outer ear canal becomes infected. This otitis externa or outer ear infection can even occur when you put a cotton swab inside the ear that damages the skin lining the ear canal.

If the child is suffering from a condition called swimmer’s ear, they may complain regarding pain or itching. This can give them a hard time hearing, and they can see yellow-colored pus ooze from their infected ear.

What is the reason behind a middle ear infection?

The middle ear is present on the other side of your eardrum from your ear canal. An infection in the middle ear occurs due to an illness related to the throat or sinus, such as an allergy or a cold. The Eustachian tubes and nasal passages will swell due to this type of illness. This swelling with inflammation and mucus can cause the accumulation of fluids in your middle ear. The fluid infection is the main reason for middle ear infection.

Many children suffer from hearing loss due to middle ear infections. This kind of hearing loss refers to conductive hearing loss. Most of the time, it is not permanent.


  • Outer ear infection

When you consult a doctor for your child’s outer ear infection, they will recommend ear drops. Moreover, they can suggest you a preventative measure of keeping your child’s ear dry after a swim.

  • Middle ear infection

Doctors prescribe a pain reliever and antibiotics for middle ear infections.


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