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What is the most common reason for snoring?

We often snore occasionally. This is because almost fifty seven percent of adult men and forty percent of adult women experience habitual snoring. However, this can be due to a sleep disorder known as sleep apnea. There can be several common reasons for snoring, let us look at them below.

Most common reasons for snoring:

  • Consumption of Alcohol:

In case you consume volumes of alcohol before going to bed, it can result in snoring. Alcohol lowers the natural defenses against any air obstruction and relaxes the muscles of the throat.

  • Smoking:

Cigarette smoking is also a common reason for snoring. Researchers think that it may be due to edema and upper inflammation of the airway. Once you quit smoking, it can improve snoring. However, it will take some time before going away completely.

  • Anatomy of your mouth:

Having a thick, low soft palate will narrow the airway. People with excess weight will have additional tissue on the back of the throat. In case a triangular tissue hangs from the uvula or soft palate, vibration can increase and airflow may get obstructed.

  • Problems in the nasal area:

Crooked partition or nasal congestion that is chronic between the deviated nasal septum, or nostrils. This can result in snoring.

  • Position of sleeping:

Snoring is loudest and frequent while sleeping on your back. This is due to the effect of gravity on your throat that can narrow your airway.

Other medical conditions that lead to snoring

  • Nasal growths or polyps can block the airflow through the nose that makes you snore. Surgery can benefit you in this aspect.
  • Asthma or allergies will narrow the airways that may result in snoring.


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