Hearing Loss: A Common Problem for Older Adults

As you grow old, you will experience changes in the functioning of your body. Among them, hearing loss is one of the changes. It can affect most adults who are above sixty-five years old.

Hearing loss that is related to your age is called presbycusis. Even though it is not a condition that is life-threatening but it can have a severe impact on your life. That is why seeking treatment is important.

How can hearing loss occur in older adults?

  • Perforation of the tympanic membrane or ruptured eardrum:

Loud noise blasts, changes in the ear pressure, poking the eardrum with some object. An infection can cause a rupture in your eardrum and affect the function of hearing.

  • Damage to the inner ear:

Exposure and aging to loud noise can result in wear and tear on your nerve cell hairs in the cochlea that sends the sound signals to your brain. When nerve cells or hairs are missing or damaged, they cannot transmit electrical signals efficiently. This may result in hearing loss.

High pitch tones may seem muffled. It can become hard for you to pick words against any form of background noise.

  • Tumors, abnormal growth of bones, and ear infection:

In the middle or outer ear, ear infection, abnormal growth of bones, and tumors can result in loss of hearing.

  • Gradual earwax buildup:

Earwax can obstruct your ear canal and resist sound wave conduction. Removal of earwax can restore hearing.

How can you cope with the loss of hearing?

  • Let your close ones know that you have a problem with hearing.
  • Pay attention to gestures and facial expressions.
  • Ask people to speak clearly and slowly.
  • Let the other person know in case you cannot understand them.


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